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Our solution preconditions
In June 2019, the Oculus Quest headset appeared on the market. It combines:

• mobile processor that allows you to play without a computer behind your back, inside-out tracking technology that allows you to use almost unlimited playing field,

• headset price from $399, (now the cost of equipment for one player in a VR-arena is about $5000),

• very small size, allowing to transport equipment for VR-immersion of 10 players in one passenger car.

For a year and a half on the VR-entertainment market, we tracked the main trends and started preparing for the release of this headset in advance. We work in the format of VR-arenas and for the last six months we have been developing a game that is ideal for the new headsets and the opportunities that they discover.

Our solution
More players
PvP-battles from 2 to 10 players on one site - the future of e-sports (tournaments, training, broadcasts, etc.)
Battles city vs city in the very near future
Increased virality
The product advertises itself, since, having tried it, people come back again and call friends
Free content
Constant content updates that invite people again and again
Ability to work at outdoor events
Quick & Easy Start
Opening cost (all expenses) starts from $15,000, payback period is from six months.
At the beginning you rent a room of 45 m2 and work in one place. Your VR space should be easy to reach, but it doesn't have to be in the city center. This scheme is suitable for both large and small cities.

If you find it difficult to rent such a room, we can slightly change this format by adjusting it to the parameters of your room.

Also, the equipment can be taken for outdoor events and receive additional profit from corporate parties on the territory of the customer.

The game was made using all our best practices and understanding what kind of product the industry needs right now. The ability to play against your friends makes each game session unique and gives people a reason to come back. The lack of blood and cartoon graphics make it accessible to children from 8 years. The ability to add new maps, weapons and game modes once a month will allow you to return an audience that has already "played enough", experiment with animation styles, arrange thematic updates for the holidays, etc.

With The Deep you will get
complex support for your business

You get our support for installing and launching everything as well as updates of the games.

We offer a start-up setting for Google Adwords ads. Updated and supplemented case base of other cities.

You will receive for free all the games that we will continue to release for this equipment, as well as all updates to this and the following games.

You will be helped by a person who can answer any of your questions regarding this business.
Our main goal is to open 100 venues around the world where you can play our attractions until the end of 2021.

This sales volume will allow us to constantly test new ideas in different cities and use the good ones for the whole network, organize international tournaments, work with third-party developers to create content for our attractions, buy rights to games based on Marvel characters, etc. The profit of the franchise model is that the better our business goes, the better it will work for you. And vice versa. Therefore, we will work tirelessly to increase your income.

Meet our leaders
Since April 2018, we have been developing team free roam VR-games. We create the most impressive virtual reality games you've ever played. At the moment, our attractions are successfully operating in 3 cities of Russia, as well as in Netherlands, Luxembourg, India and the USA, and are preparing for opening in Australia, Germany, Russia (2 cities) and the USA (1 city).
Vasily Petrenko
Dmitry Zolotarev
Head of marketing
Igor Zapletnev
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We've helped tens of clients to open an entertainment business and grow it. Let us help you too. We are searching for future partners to join our team and build businesses in entertainment industry of the future. We will assist you in choosing a location for game room, installing hardware, setting up your VR game and we will provide you tech support and updates.

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