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Why Virtual Reality Is the Business Opportunity You're Looking For

Free-roam virtual reality  is the future of out-of-home entertainment, offering unique social experiences. VR games are starting to become more popular - that's why you should take the opportunity to secure your share of the VR market. If you have an empty room a VR game might be the best investment.

Goldman Sachs Forecast

By 2020, the number of users who use VR technology will be 70 million, by 2025 - 216 million

Virtual reality market will grow up to 80 billion dollars by 2025

About 80% of young people are into VR full immersion games


No competition. This level of gaming has not yet been available on the entertainment market

Regular content production: 1 new VR game per six months

As practice shows, the investment pays itself off in 10 months

What we offer

This is a 30 minute game for a group of 2-4 people. They play in Virtual Reality game, walk around the room with guns, see their hands and legs, see each other, pick up real-world objects, see images of these objects in VR, solve puzzles and fight with 8 types of enemies. The kit includes vibro jackets through which players feel the blows of a zombie.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the area, but generally speaking, you can start your business  for approximately $41,000.  

Monthly royalty is 15% from revenue.

from $5,000

Lump-sum payment




Repairs for the location, marketing, reception

Total from: $41,000

Why you should buy now?

Low initial investment

The initial investment is notably low. With the Deep financial model you can running your business for  $41,000.

Quick start up business

You can open your game location within 2 days. You only need to prepare the room.

1 city – 1 license

You will be the only one owner The Deep franchise in your chosen territory

Be the first in your city

The competition is minimal. 99% of cities don't have multiplayer VR-games

Get $120 per one game

You can set any cost per game 

Minimum 13 games per day

Due to the high demand there will be no downtime

Games on Steam

You can also use games from Steam


We will provide all marketing support for you

Full immersion is provided by the most modern equipment

In our opinion the HTC  Vive Pro is one of the best headsets for a VR game. It provides a great experience and has many usability features that make it suitable for being used by multiple customers during the day. The wireless upgrade is an enormous quality of life benefit, compared to the usual cables that are an ongoing issue for other VR sets, forever getting broken and tangled.

HTC Vive Pro

Comfortable and firmly seated on the head. Provides maximum immersion in virtual reality.


With backpacks players can walk around the room freely. It is lightweight and easily adjust to different body sizes.

Vive trackers

Special sensors for arms and legs that transmit all movements of your arms and legs to virtual reality.

Vibration jackets

A special vest that conveys the feeling of being hit by bullets and strikes by zombies as vibrations.

Our game

Safe Night




30 min






2041. The world has been in ruins for several years after the nuclear war. Radiation has affected all living creatures, turning those who survived into irradiated and mutating monsters. Only some people have not been affected – including you, a group of tired and hungry travelers who are on their way to a military base which is protected and free from radiation. In search of shelter from irradiated pursuers, you got to the extraction point - a protected zone in an abandoned factory complex.

Cats attack!


Shooter, adventure


25 min






The Earth is experiencing a sudden invasion of a humanoid cat race. They just can’t agree with the fact that people rule the planet and the local cats, but not on the contrary. Their mission is to save their underdeveloped friends from human slavery and restore justice in the universe. This is a location-based immersive multiplayer game, that is a parody for 90's games and movies culture. Players are not told that they play as cats, and being a humanoid-cat-commando comes as a surprise to players when they see each other first time on Mother-Ship.



Adventure, action


25 - 30 min






Command VR-game, built on the intersection of adventure video games and visual art. Players will have to go into the depths of the consciousness of the scientist, who created the machine the lucid dreams machine. Fighting enemies and solving puzzles they will have to restore a line of events that lead the scientist to stay in the world of illusions and to release him.

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About us

We are a team of engineers and full-stack programming experts with deep knowledge of escape room development and  AR/VR technologies. We teamed up to create the most immersive free-roam VR experience you ever had.  In December of 2018 we entered the top 100 Russian startups according to the Internet Initiatives Development Fund.

Vasily Petrenko


Dmitry Zolotarev

Head of marketing

Dmitry Besedin

Head of sales

Igor Zapletnev

VR Engineer

Pavel Nuzhdin

VR Engineer

Alexander Zubarev

VR Engineer

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We’ve helped tens of clients to open an entertainment business and grow it. Let us help you too. We are searching for future partners to join our team and build businesses in entertainment industry of the future.  We will assist you in choosing a location for game room, installing hardware,  setting up your VR game and we will provide you tech support and updates.

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